Whether a web hosting account meets the system requirements of your Internet sites and how easy it'll be for you to manage that account are two quite important matters. In case you experience any kind of issues or your sites just can't run on the web hosting platform due to the fact that they were designed to run in a different system environment, it would be rather frustrating in case you cannot get a complete or prorated refund and a lot of providers on the market have such policies. That way, you'll end up losing funds as you won't be able to use a service you've paid for. To be on the safe side, you should check the refund policies of any service provider before you purchase an internet hosting plan, so in case you cannot use the account or simply decide that you do not want to use it for whatever reason, you can request your money back.

30-day MBG in Shared Website Hosting

If you decide to buy one of our shared website hosting packages and test our advanced cloud internet hosting platform, but for some reason you aren't happy with the service and / or your sites are not able to work on our servers, you will be able to request a complete refund of your payment throughout the first thirty day period. The unconditional 30-day money-back policy that we offer means that there is no risk involved if you register with our company. We have a competent technical support crew that is available round-the-clock for any questions and issues you can have and a really easy-to-use Control Panel, yet should you decide that you no longer wish to use the account for some reason, you can get a complete refund in a few minutes as there're no contracts.