Linux is an Operating System, that isn't that widely used for desktop machines, but is one of the most commonly used OSs for web servers. It's free of charge, so you will not have to pay any license charges as part of your hosting payments. Linux is additionally considered to be the most secure Operating System available and because of the permissions which files have and the file types that can be run, virus files which can easily infect a standard personal computer will simply not be executed on a Linux-based web server. Furthermore, the OS is freeware, so it can easily be customized without any limitations, so that it will satisfy the needs of the web hosting provider and their customers. This suggests that unwanted software packages can be removed to make the Operating system lighter and much faster, which can directly contribute to a lot better server performance. Many Linux machines have the Apache web server set up on them, as this program is also absolutely free, quick and secure. It's the most popular web server around and is an element of the LAMP bundle that lots of script applications, such as Joomla and WordPress, require. LAMP is an abbreviation for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Stable Linux with Apache in Shared Website Hosting

All of the servers that are an element of our revolutionary cloud website hosting platform run Linux in order to ensure their fast and secure operation, which will in turn give you superior overall website efficiency. This is valid for every site that you host in a shared website hosting account with us. Every part of the website hosting service (e-mails, databases, files) will be taken care of by its own group of servers, so only one type of processes will run on a given hosting server, which will contribute to the rapid loading speed of your websites even more. You could use HTML, Python, Perl, JavaScript and almost any other web development language for your websites, as they all can run on a Linux server. We use the Apache web server, for the reason that our experience throughout the years has shown that this is probably the best piece of software of its type.

Stable Linux with Apache in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The semi-dedicated hosting accounts that we offer are set up on an innovative platform where the files, the databases, the stats, the Control Panel, etc., are managed by independent groups of machines. The use of this custom structure is possible simply because we have set up a highly personalized Linux distribution on the web servers and we can take advantage of all the merits that the Operating System is offering, for example the possibility to use in-house built software solutions such as our Hepsia CP. The final result is an extremely efficient and secure hosting service that will guarantee high-end overall performance for your sites. For even higher functionality, we've decided to use Apache, due to the fact that it supports plenty of modules and it could be customized in line with our needs too. You'll be able to use virtually any popular scripting language with our custom hardware and software setup, and enjoy a speedy, uninterrupted website hosting service.